Twizted Venturez Management Corporation is a North Carolina based organization that focuses on brand creation and development, with the execution of administration, consultation, review and evaluation. Our mission is to efficiently direct cost effective operations while promoting revenue generating opportunities, in addition to locating, and expanding customer bases for our clients.

With over 15 years of experience in hospitality, consulting, human resource, accounting and management, my core focus is to utilize my education, training and experiences to craft the ideas, visions and needs of my clients to birth them into existence.

Director of Brand Development – Genia Vanterpool-Bobadilla

As a proud HBCU graduate of the University of the Virgin Islands located in America’s Paradise and being a native born and raised Virgin Islander, my diversity and rich culture have provided me with an eclectic twist and innovative approach that I fuse into everyday life and operations.

I learned the importance of both business ownership and books from a young age, as I was raised by a father who is an entrepreneur, and a mother who is an educator.

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